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M.B.Rare Books

M.B.Rare Books
Specializing in Avant Garde, Children Books, Cinema, First Editions, History, Philosohpy, Russia, Science And Technology, and Twentieth Century.
Welcome to M.B.Rare Books! Our goal is to represent the contribution of Russian culture to world civilization. We specialize in rare books related to Russia and USSR. The main subjects are all aspects of communication between Western and Russian cultures, first editions of Russian classics, first translations of famous writers and poets, books of important Russian travelers. We represent also Russian Avant-garde, Russian socialism, Russian science, Russian music and theater, children books, philosohphy, manuscripts, Samizdat editions.
Our bookshop is located in Moscow, Russia.

Available for general purpose appraisals

Contact the Seller
Michael Burmistrov
Soymonovsky pr.7 str.1 Entrance 2,
Office number 27-2.
Moscow, 119034
We cooperate with antique dealers, collectors, libraries in different countries of the world. Please send your request about our books. We send additional photos and additional descriptions on your request. After finish of the discussion about all questions, we will send you an invoice for payment. It is possible to use bank transfer or PayPal. It takes a long time (2-3 months) to ship books from Russia. We need to get a special license. Some of the offered books located outside Russia and their delivery takes usual time. We carefully pack the parcel and send books to all countries of the world. We accept substantiated claims about the condition of the books, but we try to provide complete and detail information about condition of books, for to exclude the cases of the return of sold books. You can offer us your rare books in Russian for the sale too. We can estimate and buy books outside Russia.